Monday, January 19, 2015

sick week.

happy monday! and hooray for a new week! we spent most of last week sick. kendall with croup, brooklyn with a cold (that came with a fever), and me with exhaustion and sore throat. not the best week we've had. 

and it's sad because last week started out really well. we went to dinner at brooklyn's favorite join, pizza pie cafe, and all was well.

then as soon as we got home, the croup cough came out of kendall's mouth and i wanted to crawl in a hole. croup terrifies me! so, we prepared for a long night. my MIL is still here, and thank goodness, she took the first shift and let james and i go to bed. that was definitely the worst night, though the next two weren't much better. tuesday brought a trip to the instacare so that we could at least get some steroid medication in her system. poor sweet baby. and really, we didn't really leave the house much after that.

kendall wanted to be held all day long, except for right after her first nap. she was pretty happy and willing to sit in the high chair for a little bit while i got a few things done. not many though. brooklyn also needed me every second of the day. there was whining and crying, wiping noses, refilling humidifiers, giving medicine, taking temperatures, and snuggling these sick girls of mine.

there were lots of little walks outside the house as well. kendall all bundled up, to breathe in the cool air, and i was grateful to breathe some fresh air too.

the morning i woke up feeling the worst, i was determined not to get any worse than i already felt. so i made a big pancake breakfast and seriously felt better. pancakes can fix a lot of things. so can a shower. every day after breakfast, the girls and i would hop in the shower to get nice and clean and also to let kendall breathe in the steamy air. even if we all just crawled back into jammies afterward. brooklyn loved it. showers with all three of us at the same time takes some planning, coordination, and might i add, skill. but we did it. we won't be doing it again soon, but good to know i can do it if it came to that again.

i was so happy thursday night when the girls really seemed to be at the tail end of their sick days because friday morning was my cousin kileigh's wedding. i didn't want to miss it. my MIL and SIL watched the girls while i went to the ceremony (so nice to be 15 from downtown slc!) and then i went back home to get them ready for the luncheon. james joined us and we had a great afternoon visiting with family. so much so that we decided to drive down to springville for the reception later that evening.

finally, the 6 of us all together!!!

it was beautiful! but i wouldn't expect anything less with my aunt kayelani being in charge. the newlyweds were happy and of course exhausted, and we loved celebrating with them!

the highlight of brooklyn's night! she is obsessed with weddings right now. getting to hold the bride's bouquet put her right in her happy place!

the food was delish: we're talking paninis & soup, fancy desserts, and steamers. not to mention this super fun photo booth. safe to say, the girls weren't quite sure what to do. i don't think their expression changes once. ha!

i loved spending time with cousins, aunts & uncles, my siblings, grandparents, and of course my little family. i also love when my girls get to play with my cousin's kids. i love love love it!

kileigh was a beautiful bride and i am so happy for her!

we're excited for this week to unfold, more organizing and unpacking to do here at the new house, but mostly excited that we're all healthy. i'm going to be pulling out the rest of our valentine's decor and hopefully getting all our laundry done tomorrow. there's a lot of it! i can't say enough how grateful i am that i was able to be home this week with my sick girls. that i didn't have to go into work or have other obligations. that my focus could be on them. i don't thank james enough, and even though he said all week that he was glad he was at work and not dealing with a hectic sick house full of girls, he would have been home too if the grown up world allowed. so thanks hun! thanks for taking care of us so that i can take care of our girls! it's my dream come true.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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