Sunday, November 2, 2014

halloween 2014

so, we'll back up from the actual halloween day. on tuesday night, we hit up the pumpkin walk in north logan with our favorite neighbors. i've been wanting to go to the pumpkin walk since i last lived in logan in 2007. i loved the pumpkin walk while i was up there and always wanted to go back. it definitely lived up to the hype of my memory and it was so fun to go with friends.

we had dinner at the bluebird before.

and then met up with haley at the pumpkin walk. it was COLD. super cold. we put kendall in her halloween costume because it is the warmest thing she had. she made it almost all the way through without being sad, but then she decided she was starving so i had to trick-nurse her while walking through the rest of the pumpkin displays. that was quite some professional nursing i tell ya. thanks to haley to making sure i was covered up. brooklyn, shane, and gavin loved it. they loved running from one display to the next.

james had fun too ;)

there were some awesome fun displays, lots with tons of detail, but this one made me laugh. it made us all laugh. we were dying! and it was funny to hear the people behind us come up on it too. 

(if you don't get this, then you are missing out on a great movie!)


halloween day came and brooklyn was so excited she could hardly stand it. lucky for her, we got to trick-or-treat in the morning like years past at mckay dee hospital. it's been a fun tradition. 

on our way home, we grabbed the $1.99 happy meals at mcdonald's, and then brooklyn got to paint her pumpkin. anything to do with painting and she's a happy camper. she loved it.

i had chili cooking in the crock pot all day, brooklyn anxiously awaited going trick-or-treating with her friends, and when it finally came, we were surprised at how warm the weather was and that we really didn't even need to eat something hot like chili. so we ate it afterwards.

^^^you can see the finished product of brooklyn's pumpkin painting on the top right step^^^

we joined forces with jeremy & chelsea, my MIL, and our neighbors and were off to a great retirement neighborhood that is perfect for trick-or-treating. no stairs up to doorways, and the kids can basically do it themselves. we just followed alongside them. such a fun night.

kendall slept through most of it and was good for the rest of it. her first trick-or-treating experience was a good one. once brooklyn's bucket was full, we headed back to the house where we ate chili & cornbread and watched episodes of the office. way better than any scary movie. we called it a night pretty early because we had to get up for a wedding the next morning. 

we went to the sealing, and then took kendall over to city creek for a momentous occasion... piercing her ears. i can't tell you how much anxiety this gives me, even though i know the outcome is good and that everything is just fine right afterwards. my mom was there and she's the exact same way. unfortunately, just like with brooklyn, the gun got stuck on the first ear. i couldn't believe it was happening again. seriously, how bad is my luck! kendall was heart broken, screamed, and then went to sleep. the actual piercing of the ears went quickly thank goodness and we could all go back to regular breathing and normal heart rates. the result is totally worth it and i know she'll be glad she has them whens she's older. just like her big sister.

a few pictures from the weekend (that had nothing to do with halloween). 

(cutler & kendall - 10 weeks apart)

^^^this melted my mama heart. kendall hates her bumbo, but as long as brooklyn would sit there and watch blues clues with her, she was content to sit there.^^^

h a p p y  n o v e m b e r 

18 days til hawaii!

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