Tuesday, November 11, 2014


our lives are in chaos this month, but i found the most awesome thing to keep our heart in the right place and our mind on thanksgiving. enter, the #givewiththanks challenge from the small seed. stop reading here and go check it out for yourself.

they have printouts, family lessons, recipes, ideas for acts of kindness, and a sweet huge tree printout to hang in your home. i love all of it. last night we did the first lesson and tonight we'll be doing the second (we started a little late in the month). brooklyn was so excited to sit and "learn a lesson" about trying to be a little more kind and giving this month. she was even more excited to think of things she's done the last few days that would deserve her a leaf to put up on the tree.

kendall was good to just listen and watch her big sister in all her excitement.

james helped brooklyn cut out her leaves and made sure to get a few leaves on the tree for himself.

i'm really hoping that we'll be mindful all month and have our tree nice and full of leaves at the end of it. and didn't brooklyn do an awesome job of 'coloring' our tree?

h a p p y  g i v i n g !

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