Thursday, January 16, 2014

stuff about wednesday.

i walked into the front room to find this sweet little horse kissing scene on my coffee table last night. definitely brooklyn's work. it melted my heart right onto the floor. i asked her what they were doing and she said they were doing butterfly kisses. then i asked her why the horses on the far left weren't doing the same. her reply was simple, they didn't want to. 

these cheap little horses have been her favorite gift from Christmas. her imagination runs wild when she has her hands on them. sometimes they're all lined up in a row. sometimes they're all laying down sleeping. and sometimes they are in her death grip while she's sleeping. i've loved watching her grow so attached and fall in love with these horses.

love is in the air at cream gables i guess.

i love to cook and feeling good enough to do it again has been so good for me. it's serious therapy for me, but i mostly enjoy eating it. i wish i liked to bake more. but a bread pan of rice krispie treats will have to do for now.

tonight, i made one of my all time favorites.

my favorite start to any recipe is having a pan/dish/bowl full of cut up fresh veggies. so pretty and so yummy!

i think i've posted the link for this recipe on this blog a couple times before, but i will post it a million more. i love it that much. so here it is. Black beans & rice with chicken and apple salsa. I usually don't make it with the rice and I've always made it with fish until tonight. that apple salsa with the fish is bomb!

for young women's, a super talented photographer in our ward had the girls over to her house to take their pictures. the girls were in heaven! how cool of an activity is that for them?! she had a back drop and flash set up. the whole nine yards. these pictures are high quality and totally awesome. emily bailey does amazing work. you can check out her finished products on her web site here. and believe me, you'll be wanting an appointment with her five seconds into viewing the galleries on her site. she's so good at what she does. 

and it's almost thursday and i'm seriously wondering where the heck the week went. january is flying by. i still have so much to do on my house to catch up for being off my feet for a month. but slowly and surely, it's starting to get a little more clean and a little more organized. and you know i'm loving it.

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