Wednesday, November 6, 2013

what we've been up to...

the day after halloween there was no messing around about changing holidays, putting back up fall & thanksgiving decor, and getting into the holiday spirit. a little bit. the weather also decided to change a little and we got snow and freezing temperatures. brooklyn and i took it in stride and have been wearing cozy leggings and boots for days on end. getting dressed in the fall/winter beats summer by a gazillion. layers and layers. i can't get enough.

i also couldn't help but slap on a coat of red fingernail polish the day after halloween. we had family pictures that day and since one of them will probably be on our christmas card, i thought i had better have some festive nails (very doubtful we'll be able to see them in the pictures). red nails make me giddy!

we spent our family night raking leaves. seriously, almost the whole evening. we have trees in every corner of our yard and they drop a ton of leaves. i really didn't think we'd ever get them all bagged. with snow threatening the next day we definitely felt rushed. brooklyn enjoyed watching us work and jumping and the tramp. 

the weather turning cold has also meant that we've been playing inside a lot. we miss our neighbors. being outside in the sunshine definitely makes us more social. brooklyn hasn't minded it too much yet. her imagination is really developing and she can play by herself for an hour at a time. no joke. i love it. i love listening in on what she's doing and saying. usually she's playing mommy to her animals and dolls. i love it. 

here, she's taking them all on a 'ride' on norman. she thought it was the greatest. 

i've been more in the mood to cook lately with the weather change. there's been chili and casseroles and homemade desserts. here's to hoping we aren't storing fat for the winter.

and speaking of that... we decided on a whim to take brooklyn to see the new movie free birds. totally cute. not one we'll purchase, but definitely worth seeing. she loved it and james and i loved eating treats. we stocked up on our way to the movie and then got brooklyn a big ol tub of popcorn. she could eat the whole thing by herself. no joke. she's definitely my child. james isn't a huge popcorn fan. what?!

overall, we're loving fall + the weather change + and hanging out lots together at home. we'll see how long it lasts. we're so looking forward to the upcoming holidays and spending time with family (and eating lots of good food). not to mention, we're on a 24 day countdown until the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE CONCERT IN LAS VEGAS! i can't really let myself think about it. i'm so excited i really can't stand it. the only thing that makes me be able to wait (even just a little bit) is the fact that we'll be leaving brooklyn for a night AND being so far away from her. i'm a baby and i don't care who knows it. i like being home with her. i like having her near me at all times. i can't help it. but it will definitely be good for both of us. plus, my parents and sisters will love it. so, i think i'll manage. 

h a p p y  h u m p  d a y 

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