Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the craziness.

sooooo... life's just been crazy the past month and a half. let me break it down for you.

i got put into young women's, therefore my wednesday evenings are busy and i'm planning lessons during the week to teach on sundays. still getting used to it. 

i started a small part time job. i work for the company from home, on my computer, and you might have heard of them...

with all of these changes, life has just needed some adjusting. but we are definitely figuring things out. i'm able to work while brooklyn naps and then get things done around the house while she's awake. she's even learning how to help out a little bit. a really little bit. but she's definitely changing and growing with all these crazy changes as well. she's growing up so fast and half the time i can't believe what comes out of her mouth. she's a character and i just love the little person she's becoming. 

a midst all the craziness we have still been able to do some fun things and enjoy being together as a family. we've had yummy food with pumpkin being a main ingredient. soups have been on the menu a lot and most definitely we've had all sorts of desserts. 

(pumpkin waffles) 

(baked fudge) 

annnd, we've been able to spend lots of time with baby e (and her parents of course). we love snuggling her and kissing her to pieces. she's such a fun addition to our gang and brooklyn is very much looking forward to the day when they can run around and cause havoc together.

kayla and judd came over last night with pumpkin cookies and donut holes in tow. it was so sweet of them to fatten us up. brooklyn ate probably ten donut holes. she loves anything donut related. i'm so grateful to have a few of my siblings living so close to me. and even more grateful that they want to come hang out with us. i've definitely not kept my house up like usual and i'm working on that as well. 

i'm so much looking forward to thanksgiving and our little getaway to las vegas. and definitely the holidays that follow: christmas, anniversary, my birthday, and new years. 

so that's what's been going on here at cream gables. here's to continuing to put the pieces of our puzzle life back in order and settling into routine again.

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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