Friday, September 13, 2013

our visitors...

*welcome to a post full of blurry pictures and a lotta talk about pumpkin stuff.

the last few days brought some fun visitors to our house.

on wednesday, we had my cousin's kids for a little bit that evening, and last night, we had kayla over. brooklyn has been in heaven. she loves having other people around besides her parents. 

look how cute gray is.

he's six months old and the most cuddly delicious baby on the planet. oh he's sweet. 

lucy is four and was so good with brooklyn. she was polite and patient and so sweet with her. they jumped on the tramp, played in the water table, rode bikes, colored, watched part of a movie, and then we read some books to top it all off. brooklyn loved it.

i mostly just snuggled gray. oh my baby-wanting heart could have just burst! i need one!

thursday afternoon, i couldn't handle it anymore. my pantry is full of canned pumpkin and i said i was going to wait until it was actually fall to bake anything with pumpkin in it. buying stuff with pumpkin in it at the store is totally different. right? but it was calling to me. i was craving it in a bad way. i whipped these bad boys out and i wanted to eat them all. stupid calories in food. they really hit the spot.

kayla was husbandless last night so i told her to come have dinner with us and just hang out. i made another OBB (our best bites in case you're new) dish that was awesome. it also had pumpkin in it. so good. (i would link you to it, but it's not on their web site. sad day)

we washed dinner down with some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (what else?) and then went on a walk. it was nice and cool. the sky was gray, blue, and peachy all at the same time. it was beautiful. luckily, we didn't get rained on.

we're looking forward to a weekend getting our house ready for fall, no byu game, and spending time together as a family. oh and also, a peach crisp might be involved. with this weather we've been having lately (gray, rainy, cool), i'm pegging it to be a fantastic-ly cozy weekend.

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g 

p.s. happy friday the 13th! i always think it's the coolest. i geek out over it and nothing really exciting/crazy ever happens. but it's cool right?

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