Wednesday, August 7, 2013

second day.

the second and final day of the reunion was at my cousin's family's home in randolph, utah. without a hubby in tow, brooklyn and i made the trip with my parents. everyone enjoyed 4-wheeler rides, riding horses, visiting, and of course eating. i enjoyed some more conversations with those arizona cousins of mine that i haven't seen in thirteen years. that's too long to go without seeing your cousins. there really should be a law against it. 

our kids got to play and get to know each other a little better. grandma jackie was a sport and wanted to be a part of everything. she even went out to see everyone ride horses. after those festivities, we did some minute to win it games. holmes vs. holmes vs. andrus families. it ended in a tie which i'm usually totally not ok with, but in this case, a tie was a good thing. we all left winners. and we all left with some new memories of each other. happy, fun memories that hopefully won't have to last another thirteen years. 

our little family is crashing at my parents' tonight and we're exhausted. james and i are actually already in bed as i type this. we're definitely going to need a day to recover from our couple days of fun. laundry not included. that can wait until monday. 

so instead of give you the play by play on each picture (i'm much too tired for that), just enjoy the pictures, and a the few captions to a couple of them.

/haley and i = sooo allergic to horses/

/minute to win it games/

/the jerre holmes family won this one/

/the arizona peeps/

/tri tip steak for dinner. yum./

/berkely & brooklyn - 6 days apart/

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y


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