Thursday, August 29, 2013

dinner with friends

i got to have dinner and hang out with two of my favorite friends since sophomore year of high school last night. we met up at city creek and dined at (the best) the cheesecake factory. we stuffed our faces with thai lettuce wraps, chicken costolleta (for me), and cheesecake of course. 

after dinner we chatted the night away and ended our little get together with some nordstrom/mac shopping. i love these girls and really never ever see them. we're changing that. we already have a set date for our next together. we're doing this.

it was a great mid week pick me up and now i have tonight's utah state/utah football game to look forward to. college football is here. that means fall is right on it's tail. i can't even hardly believe it!


earlier in the day, i got to spend time with my sister and most adorable niece while whit did my hair (and trimmed brooklyn's). i was in dire need of some color and trim. my hair. wowee. it's all fixed now and i feel like a new woman. whit always takes care of my locks. 

i love watching brooklyn and olivia play together, especially when my mom gets involved.

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y

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