Friday, May 24, 2013

plane + day 1


(sorry if you follow me on instagram. you're about to see alotta repeats.)

without getting too wordy (because i'm exhausted) our trip so far has been a blast. the plane ride? not so much. brooklyn really was such a good girl, but i really have a hard time being on a plane that long. i didn't sleep a wink and really really wanted to get up and do some jumping  jacks or something. my highlight of the plane ride was a cheese plate. A CHEESE PLATE. if you know me well, you completely understand the need for all caps. 

we arrived in honolulu around 2 AM (our time back in utah) and we were chipper and excited to finally be here. my in laws greeted us with hugs and leis and the whole nine yards. we slept like rocks that night.

our first full day here was spent at the beach. brooklyn was in love. she loved the waves, the sand, and chasing birds. she was in heaven. not a happy camper to have to pack and leave. and because you can basically see the ocean wherever you drive, she sees it and immediately starts whining that she wants to go 'wimmin'. her life is rough.

 we had our first hawaiian shave ice. coconut with ice cream. it did not disappoint. a-maz-ing. brooklyn wasn't super into it. she just wanted to get back into the ocean.

we drove up to the blow hole look out which was awesome. brooklyn was happy to just watch the waves. so that means, mommy and daddy were happy too. my MIL has been so good to let us see and do whatever the heck we want. she's been so accommodating and brooklyn has loved spending the time with her. 

james and brooklyn in the backyard (isn't it so tropical and dreamy?).

our first day ended with james grillin' us up some salmon (that was amazing), and a yummy dinner of quinoa with bacon and onion, corn on the cob, steamed green beans, and salad. brooklyn loved all of it. i ate way too much and am going to need to be rolled upstairs to bed.

we are loving our time here and can't wait for the rest of it. we're getting used to the time change and the heat/humidity, but this place is definitely a paradise.


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