Monday, May 13, 2013

mother's day weekend.

mother's day weekend was a crazy busy one for us. we were all busy getting everything ready for my SIL's farewell dinner. we did get to relax, play heads up, go to the temple, and eat sushi in between all of it. but boy are we pooped! so this post will be short and sweet like the last couple. enjoy the pictures.

(thanks again hay for watching brooklyn so we could go) 

 (late night sushi dinner. delish.)

(see. pooped.) 

the sweet little thing that made me a mom. gosh i love her to bits and pieces.

(wearing my other mother's day present from james.)

(soon to be hermana ruesch) 

(the ruesch gang - minus gary) 

a total bonus of the day was getting to see and hang out with these two. we haven't seen them forever.

grandma and grandpa brown came down to help set up on saturday, went to the temple and sushi with us, drove home late, and were back two hours before church to help again. then, they worked in the kitchen the rest of the day. talk about work horses and so selfless to spend their sunday/mother's day like that.

after all was said and done, a nice round of darts took us into the evening and it was time to go to bed.

boy oh boy... 10 days until we're on a plane headed for hawaii. it sounds heavenly right now. can't wait.

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