Thursday, April 18, 2013

winter chill.

apparently, we dress for bed like it's still winter out. but seriously, how can this girl not be confused? this crazy utah weather. she asks for her 'deer' pj's and that owl hat doesn't leave her head but for a bath in the morning and sometimes during her nap. i guess it could also mean that i need to turn up the heat. maybe she feels like it's winter in our house!

the last week i wouldn't know if it was 38 degrees in my house for a second. i have a list of things to accomplish in the next few weeks and i have been going not stop. sweaty and all. it's so glamorous i tell ya. it feels like a serious for real work out most of the day. i really wish i could count it as my cardio. burn calories burn. 

cream gables will make her first party debut this friday with a cousin bbq of sorts. we're excited to have everyone over and hoping the weather will cooperate so that we might spend some of the evening outside. cause it isn't a bbq if it's all indoors right? so we're praying for no rain and warm weather. maybe a little too much to ask for this week. 

here's a little something i worked on in brooklyn's room today (wednesday). i've been planning on doing this since she was still in my tummy. i'd say i procrastinated long enough. she is almost 21 months old! i love how it turned out. 

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