Tuesday, April 23, 2013

that's all i wanna do these days...

i want to read and relax. i spent several weeks doing lots of 'projects' around my house, and even though i have a few left to do... i just wannnna be lazy, relax, and read a book.

i have been doing just that. even last week when i was prepping my house for our bbq, i was taking small little slices of time and reading. i read two books last week. each of those books was over 500 pages and boy did it feel good. these books were enchanting and weird and lovely and so hard to put down. but i love using a good book as motivation to shtuff done. it works so well for me. that book reading reward system. 

i spent most of saturday reading as well. i finished book number three tonight (monday) and i am itching to get my hands on another one. all of these books are by the same author. my SIL told me back in january to get my name on the hold list for a book called the secret keeper. i obliged and got on that dang list. i was number two hundred and something. here we are, in late april, and today i reached number one. numero uno. that book should be waiting for me with open arms tomorrow morning. as hard as it's been to wait and be patient for that book... i am ever so glad that i had to wait. it made me read these other books. boy have they been entertaining!

i love falling in love with an author's style of writing and being able to look forward to getting my hands on their next book. i 've done this with josi kilpack, sarah addison allen, elizabeth musser, betty smith, and now kate morton. these authors are all totally and completely different but i love their stories and writing style. and speaking of sarah addison allen, my SIL, who has also read her books, informed me that a movie might be in the workings for one of her books. i would just love that! i really would. after i read all of these awesome books, tell me you do it too, i think, MAAAAN that would be a dang good movie! 

i'll be on a few long flights at the end of may and spending some much needed time at the beach and i am really wanting to take a good book with me. i am taking suggestions! send them my way. all of them. cause even if i can't get my hands on them for that trip, i have a whole summer of hammock-chillin/poolside hangin to read some good books. so let's hear it!

(and while you're thinking... some random pics from our weekend and monday.)



Barbaloot said...

I really like books by Sarah Eden and Melanie Jacobson. Especially for flights and beach reading. Nothing too crazy---just good, clean romance:)

Whitney said...

You need to add "Strands of bronze and gold" by Jane Nickerson to your reading list!