Tuesday, April 2, 2013

april showers.

first, a picture from our downtown slc visit on saturday.

i just love these two, and that big beautiful structure in the background.

auntie hay stayed with us sunday night. we were so lucky to have her for a whopping 16 hours. we'll take what we can get. brooklyn was so excited to wake up and have her aunt there. even when she made her hold still so she could do her hair. so cute.

we got even more lucky as the day went on, to meet james for lunch at costco (haven't tried it? do it. get the cheese pizza.). it worked out that my parents were in the neighborhood and able to meet us and have lunch as well. it was a big family party full of pizza and churros. 

we said our goodbyes, and brooklyn and i rushed home to get out of the thunderstorm and into our cozies to watch a movie (and finish laundry). the rain storm was a perfect way to usher april in. we are grateful for the rain to help make our grass green. so bring on the rain. 

our evening consisted of an egg hunt, another quick visit from my parents and haley, clam chowder, and a run to lowe's. nice and easy. 

for fhe we watched bambi II. cutest movie ever. i owe you big time, emilee, for introducing me to it. seriously, if you haven't seen this, and you have kids, get it. cutest sequel ever. better than the first even. 

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