Tuesday, April 9, 2013

alright so...

here's how my monday went:

woke up.
fixed brooklyn her breakfast of waffles smeared with cookie butter.
ate the same while i prepped the living room for painting and put a load of wash in the washer.
brooklyn sat and ate her breakfast while i primed the living room walls. 

another batch of wash put in.

showered, then put brooklyn in the tub.
she splashed and played with her toys while i got ready for the day.
dried her off, dresed her, and brushed her teeth.
made my bed.

we were out the door to run some errands and then meet james for lunch.

we cafe rio-ed.

kissed james goodbye.

brooklyn fell asleep on the way home. i left her in her in the car, in the garage, left the door open, and laid down on the couch to read my book for a little bit.

brooklyn stayed asleep. i put another load of wash in.

got my bosch out and stated making bread. brooklyn woke up.

i fed her lunch: leftover ham fried rice and milk.

while she ate, i put a second coat of primer on the walls.

started a movie for her (don't judge) and gave her some books so i could finish painting.

put the bread in the oven. started dinner.

james came home.

we ate dinner: soup and homemade bread.

james changed into his paint clothes and helped me paint the living room. brooklyn was nearby climbing on things and occasionally checking on her mom and dad.

we turned on the ncaa championship game. james distracted brooklyn while i continued to paint. 

i ran out of gas. the three of us hunkered down on the couch to finish the game. and what a game it was. 

what are my plans for today...


i think i'll just read my book and lay low. maybe.

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