Friday, January 4, 2013


the last five days of december hold 3 very important events (minus the 31st): christmas, our anniversary (28th), and my birthday (30th). it's busy. but it's fun. i love having something to look forward to after christmas is over. it helps with the post christmas blues.

we started our FIFTH anniversary off with some time at the spa. beyond spa to be exact. we got cocoa foot soaks, hot chocolate, and a couples massage. it was all really relaxing and so fun. if you've never done a spa day with your husband...i suggest you do it. it's really a blast. the massage was fabulous.

that evening we headed back up to my parents' so we could drop brooklyn off and we continued on to park city. we were hoping to eat at the restaurant we ate at on our first date. we were shocked to see it had changed. we called and were relieved to hear that only the name and management had changed. we could handle that. 

it was nice to go to dinner just the two of us and eat some really good food. i'd say we both made excellent choices off the menu and were stuffed to the max when we walked out of there. this anniversary definitely was a special one. now that we are parents, our alone time is limited. it was nice to get away and spend time as a married couple. 

park city was frigid that night and it canceled our plan of a photo together after dinner. so we only have cell pics to document are evening. 

we've changed a lot in the last five years. we've been through a lot. it's been a heck of a ride so far. we've really made it a priority to make our anniversary special, but it hasn't always happened. life happens. here's a break down of our last five celebrations:

1st year: stayed at the same hotel, in the same room we did on our first night as a married couple. shopped at the gateway and ate some of our wedding cake.

2nd year: helicopter flight over logan, dinner at hamilton's, and a night at the anniversary inn. 

3rd year: i was on bed rest with brooklyn and super sick. we spent the evening on the couch at my parents'.

4th year: dinner at red lobster. having a child definitely changed our plans that year.

5th year: spa day and dinner at sushi blue.

(engagement photo: 2007 old main street park city)

can't wait for the next FIVE. i love you james burdell.

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