Thursday, January 3, 2013

christmas '12

we had a great christmas. we spent it with our families and wouldn't have it any other way. we spent a lot of time on the road going back and forth, but it was worth it. here's how it went down.

christmas eve prep: 



christmas cookie making and decorating

christmas jammies.

movie before bed. 

giant slumber party in the basement.// minus us ruesches. brooklyn wakes up and cries sometimes and we didn't want her to wake anyone up.

gift giving and opening. we were all spoiled. the men got matching livestrong jackets. stud. muffins.

she played with her wagon and 'baby' from g and g holmes until we left a few hours later.  

hugs.kisses.goodbyes. onto DC (davis county). the christmas breakfast table awaited us, along with the traditional sheets to hide what santa brought.

brooklyn loved my 'painting project' (table and chairs).

she was so excited about norman. her giant giraffe, from g and g ruesch.

the moment finally came that i got to open that 'one thing' i've been so excited for. the thing i had mailed to chelsea so she could wrap it for me. oh boy. it was a great moment. 

meet... my new purse.

aint she a beaut? i sure think so.

brooklyn loved opening the presents and loved carrying around her goods. 

the money tree. brooklyn with norman.

traditional christmas breakfast: sausage souffle and praline french toast. 

christmas evening in salt lake at james' grandparents'.

we watched christmas oranges on the way home and then it's a wonderful life to end the day. it really was a christmas to remember and i can honestly say i'm already looking forward to next year.

we hope yours was just as happy and merry.

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