Thursday, December 6, 2012

she is called.

yesterday was finally the day.

my SIL tori got her mission call.

we have all been anxiously waiting.

we had quite the party, complete with tons of food, and cute bottles of water with Sis Ruesch all over them. 

as everyone arrived, they were instructed to take a guess stateside and abroad. there were guesses all over the place as you can imagine. 

tori anxiously waited for all of her loved ones to arrive. such a long time to wait!

we were all so excited. she didn't waste any time tearing into it. 

as she read where she will be serving and added in there that she will be speaking spanish, a loud cheer rose from the masses. we were all so excited!

the picture below tells it all.

we're so excited for you tori!

brooklyn enjoyed the food. more specifically, the cookies. with sprinkles. 

tori had so much love and support and it goes without saying that she will have all of it and more as she serves for the next eighteen months....

those people in dallas texas. 

we love you tori!

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