Thursday, November 8, 2012

the doc.

welp. she's still a skinny little thing. tall and skinny. how is this my child?! this check-up was different than any of the others because of her age and personality. she definitely knew more what was going on and did NOT like getting poked and prodded. i'm not even talking about the shots. she hated getting her ears, throat, heart, hips, and everything else checked. hated it. she wanted to continue to play with all the fun toys in the room. 

the shots. ya those were horrible. she cried as bad as she did for her two month shots. it was terrible. i hated it. her little heart was broken. gosh darn it. my heart was in pieces all over the floor. but a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders because i have been really anxious for her to get the flu shot. so hallelujah and knock on wood. we do not want the flu around here. not welcome. 

it's nice that james can come to these check-ups with me. i really think i would hate doing it alone. the only time i've taken her by myself was when she had thrush at three months and i bawled when she and i were left in the room together. i just sobbed. i was a wreck. i didn't want my baby to be in any sort of pain. so, it's definitely a good idea for me to have moral support. my husband. 

she loved being able to play outside when we got home. grandma had been painting chairs so there was lots of fun cardboard and paint sticks to play with. not to mention, all the crunchy leaves. she loves them. although, i think she'd trade them for snow. straight up. she loves the 'no'.

brooklyn's 15 month stats:

height: 31 inches / 73%

weight: 20.9 lbs / 14%

my tall skinny girl. love her. 

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