Tuesday, November 6, 2012

some grass and a birthday.

this girl of mine, is...



explorative (is that a word? well she is.)

full of energy

and anything else that means she moves alot.

therefore, making it very difficult to get good pictures of her face. these were taken at the driver license  division in farmington. she wanted to touch and taste every blade of grass in the perimeter. soo busy. that girl of mine. she'd pause occasionally when a bird flew overhead or a car honked its' horn. otherwise, she was content to walk around and pick grass at her leisure. oh and sometimes, eat it.

the evening brought some birthday celebrating. i threw up a sign and blew up a few balloons. nothing fancy, but it was festive. we dined on chicken salad and croissants, opened gifts (brooklyn helped), and went out for ice cream. we had a great time enjoying the funny videos playing overhead while we ate our ice cream. seriously gut busting. it was a great end to a birthday celebration and made us all happy and tired and ready for bed.

happy voting.

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