Friday, October 12, 2012

slow evenings.

james got off work and was home by 1 in the afternoon. i was pleasantly surprised. and so happy. brooklyn didn't know what to think seeing her daddy's face that early in the day. we were all happy to be together for the rest of the day. we decided on a quick lunch at great harvest and then we ran some errands.

we planned on having a chill night at home and that's exactly what we got. taco salad topped with quinoa for dinner and shakes with jeremy and chels later in the evening. we relaxed, visited, and watched brooklyn dance around to her favorite halloween songs. at the end of the night she was exhausted and was ready to give everyone loves and head down to bed. she loves bedtime. i pray that doesn't change any time soon.

i'm extremely happy that the weekend is starting and that we have a few more days in a row to enjoy james' company. we'll be making the trek to coalville for my sister's baby shower, james will head to provo for the byu game, and then we'll all return home to davis county. sunday morning will bring early church and teaching the 11 year old boys in primary. should be an adventure. ooh and maybe sunday will also include a roast and potatoes. ya that sounds about right.

h a p p y  f r i d a y   

(Brooklyn ate soup for dinner with a little quinoa on the side)

(do you spy willard?) 

(these were just delivered from the ward activity)
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