Thursday, September 20, 2012

end of lessons.

last night was brooklyn's last night of swimming lessons. it went by super fast and i can't this small little thing has now completed a swimming level. what?!

the last class started with some basic cpr stuff and some more safety guidelines that really are helpful to any parent who plans on having their kids around any sort of body of water. the rest of  the class was play time. brooklyn was in heaven. so much water. and so little time. oh and also, not very much room. the place was packed with all the other little swimmers. she didn't seem to mind though. she made friends with a few kids and was content to play with the water spouts. she is definitely our little fish. 

the night only got better for her though. at the end of it all, she got a popsicle. she was the happiest little camper this side of the mississippi. she was happy for the rest of the night. no joke. hyper even. and yes, i'm sure the sugar had a little to do with that. 

overall, our swimming lesson experience was a positive one. we look forward to next summer when we can do it all over again!

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