Tuesday, July 24, 2012

24th Celebration 2012

when we got to cokeville after our day at the lake, we all showered quickly so we could spend as much  time with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents as we could before the night ended. so, lots of hanging out and just chatting was most of friday night.

hours of this.

we did go to the annual family fireside but there are no pictures of it. i really wish i could have gotten a picture of the crowd that was there. our family is just growing and growing. elder perry gave us some great words of wisdom and an awesome challenge to be better members of the church. what did we do after the fireside? oh just more talking. oh and a late night DC run (thanks again allison). we all stayed up until about 2 AM. the next morning, a lot of us were running in the 5k at 6:30. not a lot of sleep happened this weekend.

here we are after the race.

 (darn it. those closed eyes.)

 (the fun run petersen participants)

the parade was next on the agenda. the parade that turns around and comes right back again. it's ok though. that means more candy. brooklyn got quite the stash. 

 (at our usual 'spot' by the post office - we missed you grandma jackie)

james, brooklyn, and i went back after the parade and took a nice little family nap. it worked out in our favor that when we woke up, lunch was being served at the church. there were no lines. we walked right up, got our food, and took it back to aunt julie's to eat in the air conditioning. so good.

 i made brooklyn her first birthday cake, set it out to cool, and joined everyone over at the football field for the 7 on 7 flag football tournament. it was so hot. i was seriously melting. i could only muster getting my camera out once and unfortunately, there was not any good football action to snap. but there was lots of action. i just missed it.

brooklyn's birthday isn't until the 26th, but my mom and kayla are both in mexico now, and they will miss her actual birthday. so, this seemed to be the best idea. plus, lots of other family could be there to celebrate with her. it was definitely entertaining to watch her just dive into her cake. she loved it. and i may or may not have choked up singing happy birthday to her.

after a bath and a quick costume change... she opened her presents from grandma and grandpa.

(grandma says these are her cheer shoes) 

(she loved having baby addie there to celebrate with her) 

game night saturday night went into the wee hours of the morning. my grandparents' table was such a great investment for a family as big as ours that loves to eat and hang out together. the more the merrier.

brooklyn loved going to sacrament meeting with so many family members around to look at, walk to, and sit on their laps. we didn't have to take her out once. that's a new record.

the youngest of the petersen cousins was baptized in the creek behind my grandparents' house after church. it was a beautiful scene. brooklyn absolutely adores her.

another birthday was celebrated and sunday dinner was had. it was the traditional roast and potatoes. i love traditional meals. especially that one. 

(the cute 16 year old bday boy) 

after dinner and birthday cake, everyone started to pack up their cars and head for home. it really is a depressing hour. we have such a great time together. it goes by much too quickly, and then it's so hard to say goodbye. luckily, james and i were almost the last to leave. it's never fun to be the first. we were able to delay our departure and get just a little more family time in.

 there's always a crowd on the porch to wave goodbye to us as we leave. it makes me happy and a little bit sad. i don't like being able to see those people i love just slowly disappear out of my sight. but i love that i get to see them every last second that i can. it might sound a little crazy, but we are that close.

i'd say brooklyn's first 24th celebration in cokeville was one to remember. i know i'll remember it. and i always look forward to next year. 

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