Tuesday, June 5, 2012

those summer days. and nights.

green smoothie. then bath time. lotion. play. nap time. 

i really love how these summer days are going. slow and easy. my sister was here. she's a huge help to me. our mission today was to find a cute modest swim suit for her. it took three stores folks. holy moly. i didn't mind. it was fun to shop and hang out together. Brooklyn was there too of course. she didn't enjoy the shopping so much. just hanging out with Auntie Hay.

lunch. packing for the pool. nap time. trying on different swim suit combos. heading to the water park. sunshine.

 Brooklyn enjoyed her snacks. Even more though, she enjoyed hanging out with her aunts and uncle. she even fell asleep in the wave pool. but not before she danced her little heart out to her jam (One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful).

it was so fun to have whit, chandler, googs, and haley there with us today. great company. they also helped me out and took Brooklyn for most of the time. i enjoyed my book. me and a book poolside. heaven right there. i also discovered the cheese pizza at seven peaks. umm, it's good guys. really good.

to finish the summer night off, our little family of three headed out for snow cones. coconut for me. strawberry for him. Brooklyn ate some of both and she loved it. another something to check off the summer bucket list. Brooklyn came right home and fell asleep. the pool wears her out. as it does to me. i'm exhausted. happy.

and ready for another summer day.

*having Haley around: i got 3 loads of wash done, cleaned my kitchen, and got some very important grocery shopping done. not all of it, just the important stuff. thanks so much Hay!

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