Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tonight for dinner we had the following:

Spinach and Feta Pasta


Rosemary Foccacia Bread

Both recipes came from Our Best Bites.

I love their recipes! They're easy, explanatory, and so delicious. Not to mention, I like knowing that they are tested and true! It gives me more confidence going into making dinner. I really want the actual recipe book, but for now, reading it online is working just fine.

(James' plate)

Aside from making dinner, it was a pretty productive day.

The flannel sheets are on and ready for the chilly weather coming our way.

Uncle Dev's paper chain finally came to be.

(43 days!)

Laundry, dishes, and all the rest of those daily things that are no fun but must be done were also tasks accomplished. I only had one load of laundry to do so I can't complain at all. If I stay on top of it then it doesn't bury me at the end of the week.

Brooklyn slept through the night and then had an awesome nap later in the afternoon (that's how I got dinner ready). This was the third night in 4 that she has slept through the night. I really hope it'll become a trend! I was reading on Baby Center the other day and they claim that 'through the night' is 12 AM - 5 AM. That sounds good and all, but to me, sleeping through the night is asleep before 12 AM and up AFTER 5 AM. Either way, she's doing it. Keep it up Brookie!

I also found this video today. It's so touching. Don't watch it unless you have a kleenex, but it definitely provides a good cry. enjoy.

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