Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Black Beans

These little bad boys graced our dinner plates,

(Black Bean Enchiladas - recipe here. I used no meat. )

along with a green salad

cottage cheese & mandarin oranges

and some lemonade (i'm addicted right now).

Good and filling. We used the energy and nourishment to organize some more. We have a lot of crap stuff. James started organizing our storage room and office Saturday morning and by early evening, we had mounds and piles all over the place. It was a lot. But I am grateful for a husband who likes to organize and is willing to head up big projects like that.

We still have a lot to do before b a b y gets here.
So until then, we'll keep eating lots of black beans and stuff to give us organizing/cleaning ENERGY.

Right now James is off using more energy playing some ball. Hopefully he doesn't come home with more battle wounds like this one:

(poor boy)


I'm going to bed.

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