Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Perfect Sunday?

Sunday started out perfectly. The hubcap (funny new name I heard) and I slept in a little bit, vegged a little, and got ready for church.

Church was good. Lots of good talks and lessons.

It was so nice that we decided after lunch that we'd take some blankets and books to a park and just bask in the sunlight.

On the way, James had to feed the ducks. He's obsessed. He was throwing so athetic-like that a chunk of bread got lodged in the fence a good 6 inches from where the ducks could reach it. So they stared at it and then decided it wasn't worth it. Little did they know it was cinnamon raisin bread!

The sun felt so good. However, it was quite windy.

We enjoyed that for about two hours and then called it good.

As soon as we got home I started having horrible cramps in my lower back. Followed by some bleeding.

P A N I C.

So we ended up here until 1 in the AM Sunday night.

(LDS Hospital - Labor and Delivery)

But not before James and our landlord gave me a blessing. It was so comforting and so sweet. James really does give beautiful blessings. I am a lucky and very blessed girl.

Being at the hospital for 3 hours was not fun in the least bit.

And poor James had to sit in an upright chair that did NOT recline and he was exhausted. At one point he crawled into the bed next to me (little stinker). I was worried that someone would come in and get mad (I don't know why) so I told him to get out. We both got the giggles and he just refused to get out. He was too comfortable, he said.

I had to have some uncomfortable procedures done, wait an hour for the results from the lab, and left without knowing how or why anything I was experiencing was happening. It was comforting to know the baby was ok. She kicked around the whole time. I think she knew her mommy would freak out if she held still for too long.

We dragged ourselves outta there and crawled into our beds as soon as we got home (at 1:30 AM). It was quite a night. Definitely not the perfect Sunday we had started.  

*29 week pic to come :) I looked horrific today after no sleep last night.
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