Thursday, April 7, 2011


I think my students were fed this for breakfast and lunch before coming to school yesterday...

I wasn't sure what to do...

Luckily, it was warm enough outside that both of my classes were able to have outside recess. Today, we may not be so lucky.

My drive home was nice. I like listening to the news on the way home (i'm so cool) because it helps me unwind. Music at that point in the day is just noise to me.

I came home, opened all my windows to air out the place, and started cleaning (another way I like to unwind).

I started dinner, James came home, and we ate. We chatted, about the near future and decisions we have to make. I'm grateful he has his head on straight and knows what he wants in life. He has Scouts in the early evenings on Wednesdays, and therefore, we always eat dinner earlier on Wednesdays.

Dinner was cleaned up, James was out the door, and I was again alone with my thoughts...

and this sweet baby growing inside me.

She had the hiccups. Now that I know what they feel like, I have noticed she gets them quite often.

I sat in silence, as the wind whistled through my cracked windows, and I just felt completely and utterly happy.

This baby has already changed my life. It scares me that in an instant it could all be taken away from me. I am still the most paranoid woman on the planet. I worry all the time.

All I have to remember is to pray. Even if it's just a silent one in my heart. It makes me feel so much better. This is all in the Lord's hands. I trust Him.

For now, I will enjoy feeling this life inside me. All the little pokes, jabs, and hiccups.

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