Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snail Mail

I L O V E getting things in the mail!

There's something exciting about getting a physical package, as compared to an electronic one (text message, email, etc).

There was a nice big box waiting on the porch late Saturday night when we got home.


I knew what it was.

I couldn't get it in the house fast enough, except that I was walking through snow up to my shins and carrying all my luggage from the weekend = awkward!

The box was light to carry.

I couldn't wait to see (and touch) what was inside!!!

And here are my beauties:

Baby Bag - Vera Bradley

Wallet - Vera Bradley

Headband - Vera Bradley

I love all of it! The diaper bag looks like it will hold a lot, and the wallet is awesome! They both had great reviews, hence, the reason they are now in my possession.

I love all of their prints and patterns. Maybe a lot of that is because the majority of them remind me of summer, and boy am I ready for summer!

Check out their website H E R E

Soooo many fun things!

Hold onto your wallet 'cause you're gonna get hooked!
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