Wednesday, February 16, 2011

drum roll...

well if you guessed


then you'd be wrong! i still can't hardly believe it. i've always thought that i'd have a boy first, and i really thought this one would be a boy.

my dad was right. he said he knew right from the second i told him i was expecting that it was a girl.

james and i headed out on our 'unveiling' journey at quarter to seven last night. we headed to james' parent's first. they had no idea why we were coming. we just said we'd be dropping by to say hi. so after a little chatting, i pulled a pink and blue shirt out of my purse. they immediately knew why we were there!

then james (this was his grand idea) threw a football to his mom. she thought boy. until she saw the pink ribbon (breast cancer awareness) on the other side of it. they were all so excited! it was a great reaction!

then we headed to coalville. only my mom knew we were coming, but they all knew that we had found out what we were having. so when we walked in, it was quite a surprise for them. we bagged the blue/pink shirt part, and waited until everyone was together in the den and i threw my dad the football. because he was so positive it was a girl he didn't hesitate to whip the football around to look for a 'pink clue'. he was stoked to see the pink ribbon. they all cheered and my dad spun the football on the ground like he'd just scored a touchdown. it was awesome!

so my dad was right, i was wrong; but i'm SO darn excited! james and i feel so blessed to be entrusted with one of our Heavenly Father's precious daughters.

we talked about this song last night at my in-laws and i thought it would definitely be appropriate...
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