Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Shopping Sleepover...

last year my mom decided she'd get all of her christmas shopping done in two days...

she came and stayed at my house so she could get up early and get going on her day 2.

well, this worked so well for her that she's decided to make it a tradition.

she came last night and graced us with her presence for a 2nd year in a row.

she's a trooper.

she sleeps on my couch (with my loud ticking clock right above her head),

and eats cold cereal for breakfast. (however, last year i made belgian waffles)

in turn, she brought fresh fruit and lion house orange rolls...
that definitely makes her more than welcome any time she wants!

but seriously, she could stay with us WHENEVER she wants.

i love my mom and i love that she comes to stay once a year.

if you don't know my mom, you're missing out.

she's the cutest person inside and out.(this was the only pic i got of her, and i had to be sneaky about it)

and i'm happy to report she was once again successful with her christmas shopping this year.
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