Monday, November 29, 2010

Wonderful Wyoming Christmas...

growing up, we often spent christmas eve and christmas day in cokeville wyoming.

both my mom and dad's parents have always lived there so it just made sense.

some of my greatest childhood memories were made during those christmases.

as we'd drive on the snowy roads, we'd faithfully listen to amy grant's christmas cd.

track 1 was tender tennessee christmas.

well, what did we know about tennessee?

absolutely nothing.

so we decided to change the words to fit our christmas = Wonderful Wyoming Christmas

we'd sing 'our lyrics' at the top of our lungs.

it has since been a family tradition to listen to and sing this song as a family at christmas time.

so this year, as i was thinking about what to get my parents for christmas...

a little idea popped into my head...

and here's how it turned out...

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