Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a krispy kreme night...

last night was a very informative, long, fun, helpful, & L A T E night.

thanks to my cousin, james & i were made aware of a pre PA (physician assistant)information session at uvu.

we braved the snow

and made our way to orem, with hopes of getting some direction as far as james' future career goes.

the session was about 2 hours long.

2 hours that were totally worth it.

we both soaked in a lot of information and good tips.

the best part was afterwards, when james got to ask L O T S of questions to my cousin joe.

he was sooooo helpful.

he basically did a ton of work to figure out PA school and has just let james in on all of his good PA secrets.

joe and his cute family will be moving to new mexico in a few months so that he can start PA school.

we're so excited for them to start the 2 year journey.


it helps to have a so called 'guinea pig' going ahead of us so that we can learn the ropes.

after all was said and done.

we grabbed a box (yes a BOX) of doughnuts from krispy kreme at 11 PM and headed out of provo.

both of us feeling very well informed and ready for the PA road we'll be taking sooner than we thought.
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