Monday, October 4, 2010

i'm full...

spiritually, and as uplifted as i can possibly be.

conference weekend was great.

it started on thursday for me though,

when i went to byu to listen to nienie talk.

it was fabulous.

and she was beautiful.

i cried a lot.

whitney and amanda were there with me, and i appreciate so much that they would go with me so that i didn't have to go alone (or i wouldn't have gone).

then i was TOTALLY uplifted friday night when the aggies beat the cougs.

ahh...bliss ;)

saturday morning, james headed to play football with some buddies, and i peeled myself off my flannel sheets and made myself get going for the day.

by that i mean, cleaning, and running around in my nightgown.

so that i could be ready and showered before conference started.

i took notes.

i hope i go back and read them someday.

during elder uchtdorf's awesome talk, we headed to kaysville so that james could play round 2 of football for the day.

chels and i chilled (and seiko too) while the boys got sweaty and hot, and then headed over to my in-law's for the afternoon session of conference.

sooo goood!

that's all i can say.

then of course, at around 6 o'clock,

the men headed out for priesthood session, and

we women





we went crazy!

stopping at every store or boutique offering homemade fall goodies (real deals=pumpkin pie & cider).

i got some fun little things.

we literally shopped til we dropped.

then it was home to cuddle with our men who had been spiritually fed by the brethren.

we slept like rocks & then were spoiled with a huge breakfast made by my in-laws.


stuffed like turkeys, we headed over the mountain to coalville to watch the last session of conference with my family.

we ate way too much candy and goldfish crackers.

followed by birthday cake for james burdell.

it was such a good weekend, & i have a renewed determination to live better and be better.

see what i mean by full?
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