Thursday, September 9, 2010


*for your enjoyment (ha ha, NOT!) i have filled out a survey about the the 1st thing that comes to mind upon seeing these words.

Balloon: ride

Fish: tacos!

Sushi: yes please

Book: of Mormon

Feet: shoes

Hot: dog!

Moon: beam

Metal: -urgy

Sweet: tooth!

Pen: pal

Penguin: dance

Catch: phrase

Vegas: fun!

Nails: undone

Map: gps

Tahiti: sweetie! (my favorite lotion from b&body works)

Water: glass

Opera: voice

Cowboy: JOE! (go pokes!)

Autumn: colors

- i felt so dumb doing that just now. so if you'd like to take a shot at it, please do so you can join me in the 'dumb club'!

TGIF! (tomorrow)
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