Tuesday, September 21, 2010


tonight i went visiting teaching.

i love my VT-ing partner.

she's awesome.

we visit some great women, and i consider myself lucky to get to be in their homes.

however, as i visit teach, i turn into snoppy-mc-snoop!

i hardly even see the woman i visit teach, because i'm so interested in what is going on in the house.

such as: decor, smells, children, pictures, sounds...

i can't help but wonder about the happenings of the home when my visiting teaching partner and i are not there.

am i nosy?

i think so.

but i can't help myself.

it makes me wonder what people 'wonder' about my home when they visit.

i hope people have good wonderings.

i hope they think good thoughts.

i hope they feel comfortable.

i hope they feel happy.

i hope they ignore my messes.

i hope they want to come back.

i hope...

(self portraits from the weekend)

(sisters after homecoming game)
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