Thursday, September 16, 2010


this week is homecoming week at good ol', dear to my heart, north summit high school. all week i've been hearing tid bits of the happenings from my mom, and ALL WEEK i couldn't help reflecting back on my own homecomings and other high school experiences.

homecoming was almost my favorite week of the school year. dressing up, late nights, an exciting football game, and a dance on the football field to end it!

as a cheerleader, i got to help plan out the dress-up days and also decorate all of the athletes' houses. it was a BIG job, but soo fun for me!

i loved the tradition and all the community support that came along with it. it made me feel loved and supported. i loved when my friends who had graduated would come back for the big homecoming game. i loved seeing them and telling them all about what had gone on that week.

call me dumb for loving this time in my life, but i seriously did! i didn't have 'as much' to worry about as i do now. i was young, happy, and carefree. i love love loved it!

i remember kissing the football field (yes, literally kissing the grass) the night of the alumni assembly & bonfire and having a sense of panic and overwhelming excitement all at once. the excitement of being a SENIOR and also the panic that this was my last homecoming and that i would soon be out on my own. it makes me giddy just thinking about it!

it definitely hasn't felt like 'homecoming season' with all the heat in salt lake this week, but knowing that more than half my family has been participating in homecoming has made me feel all of the excitement all over again!

(getting pumped for a game, senior yr! lovely scanning job i know)
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