Thursday, September 23, 2010

the doll house...

i got this doll house-unassembled- my first year teaching and never had the gumption to put it together.

some days as i was leaving my classroom, i would pick it up determined to take it out to my car and have james put it together that weekend.

but i never did.

it collected a lot of dust last school year and it made me feel guilty every time i saw it!

this doll house was given to me by another teacher, i didn't even have to pay for it!


my reading aide decided this was the year it had to be put up.

so she took it home and gave it to her husband to put together (she said he needed something to do).

she brought it back the next day and it turned out soo darn cute!

i love it!

my kids love to look at it.

it has not been put within reach of little hands yet.

isn't it adorable?!

i love the layout of the house.

the wall paper

the fake brick

the windows!

it makes me happy to look at it.

the chicka chicka boom boom tree looks charming right outside the front door too, don't ya think? :)


to fill it with...

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