Thursday, July 8, 2010

the trail!

i love summer because i get to wake up early, willingly!

i drove james to trax (white lightening is out of commission right now)

and then went for a run.

i don't mind getting up early because i WANT to.

i run on a trail outside that is so beautiful.

nature is all around me, and even though i am not a huge fan of running, i can't help but feel totally and completely happy.

the sun's shining on my face, i can hear the river flowing by, and there are plenty of different grasses and trees to admire.

everyone's happy on the trail.

"good morning," they all say.

the trail is a happy place.

and i like going there.

1 comment:

Barbaloot said...

So true! I curse the early mornings where I HAVE to wake up, but if it's a natural thing to get up, it feels wonderful.