Friday, May 14, 2010

mY fAVoRiTe tEaChEr!

i've recently become facebook friends with my favorite teacher.

she was my 3rd grade teacher.

i adored her!

her handwriting was amazing.

every day i sat in class and stared at the board in amazement. i wanted to write just like her (not possible). she gave me the nickname and later on, a class award, as being Miss Exuberant.

i've always remembered that.

on the last day of 3rd grade i bawled my eyes out when i had to say goodbye to her. i cried all the way home, i cried while i was eating my lunch of a ham sandwich and chips (i remember it vividly), and then the phone rang. it was her. she was calling to make sure i was going to be ok, but hearing her voice made me cry even harder.

luckily, when i was in 5th grade i became her special helper. when i was done with my work my teacher would send me down to her classroom and i would help her out. she usually ended up giving me suckers and we'd just chat.

she wrote me this message on facebook:

Melinda Belinda,

Forever, you will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember you as a darling, exuberant, smart little girl. I can still see you turning cartwheels and handsprings on the Rebel football field during recesses. You were always so high-spirited and full of life. You have always had the gift/talent of making everyone around you feel just a little happier and better off for being in your presence. I remember how cute you looked all dressed up to go to the movies for AAP parties and how the little third grade boys would try to maneuver around in order to sit by you. I am so glad to have been your teacher and; as always, your friend.

I saved the cutest illustrated story that Deven wrote in first grade. I think it would be really cool if I sent it to him on his mission. Can you e-mail me his address. I am sure he would get quite a kick out of it. I am glad to be FB friends! Love ya honey!

she is someone i will never forget!

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Barbaloot said...

That's awesome Melinda. And I can totally picture the 3rd grade you she's talking about:)

I'm sure you'll be that teacher for some kids as well.