Monday, May 10, 2010

mOtHer'S dAy wEeKeNd!

- watched my hubby in an 8 AM flag football game (go ladybugs!)

- attended a wedding (sl temple)

- did a photo shoot outside the temple (more on that to come!)

- found a quaint little restaurant that is now one of my faves

- found a new show to consider becoming addicted to while rubbing lotion on my feet and chillin w/chels

- got to talk to dev in sc (so good to hear him laugh)

- spent lots of time with family, including my amazing mother who i hope to be like someday

- and last but not least... i won a giveaway! my cousin allison dayton has a jewelry line & blog and she did her first ever giveaway and I WON!

check her out at: & -you will fall in love with her stuff!

how cute are these mali wedding beads?!
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