Thursday, May 27, 2010

hOw i mEt My hUbBy & our 1st dAtE!

my best friend was dating james' cousin at the time (may 2007) and she told me i just had to go out with this cute boy! well, i had just finished college and was super duper chubby! i was not about to go on any dates. i told her to give me a few months to lose some weight and then i definitely would.


two weeks later she let me know that i would be going out with him that weekend (may 18th). i couldn't believe it...did she not remember i was a chunk???

earlier that day (on the 18th) i selflessly volunteered to go on a field trip with my little sister's 8th grade class (who are now going to be seniors!) to mt timpanogos.

so the whole day (may 18th) was spent hiking this huge mountain and being super nervous for this date. at least i was burning calories all day though right?

on the bus ride home i got super tired. i even fell asleep (while my little sister and her friends took pics of me and laughed). as soon as i got home i called my friend and said, "can we please reschedule, i am not in the mood tonight." being the great friend she is, she kindly replied,"sorry, he's already on his way."

on his way??????????

i looked fat in everything i tried on. this was miserable!

after i was finally ready i headed over to my friend's house to meet this boy.

...and boy was he cute!

(yes he has a twin)

tan skin, blue eyes, curly blonde hair...what more could i ask for!

we all headed to park city to eat and then to a movie.

we ate at hapa grill...well we kinda ate...

james had eaten before because he didn't know we were eating (great planning) and i didn't want to eat a lot because of course i was big and i didn't want him watching me eat a lot.

so, we ordered sushi.

then it was off to the movie...shrek 3!
(engagement pic right outside the actual theater of our 1st date)

as soon as we got into our seats at the theatre, i asked james if he knew whose voice was in this movie...



justin timberlake!!! i said. ha ha! he was not amused.

after the movie, i decided i really liked this boy and did NOT want this date to end. so we decided we'd all get in comfy clothes and hang out at james' cousin's for awhile.

it ended up being a LONG while.

we all fell asleep on his tramp!

yep, we slept together on the 1st date.

it was great until i woke up and realized this boy was going to see my ugly morning face!

but that fear disappeared when james asked me when we were going to see each other again (which ended up being 3 days later).

i went home so giddy and excited after this date...and obviously, we have lived mostly happily ever after!


Rob & Jess said...

Naughty!!! Sleeping together on your first date...I thought more of you two :)

Barbaloot said...

I'd never heard that before Melinda--thanks for sharing. Wonder what it would be like to go on a fisrt date and actually want another one:)

Chris and Sara Waldron said...

Melinda you're hilarious! I have never ever before thought of you as chubby. You're just beautiful and fun! Thanks for sharing your fun story. :)