Thursday, April 15, 2010


i know there are not any patriotic holidays in the near future, but MAN, did i feel patriotic today! my afternoon class gives me the chills every day when they do the Pledge of Allegiance. they say it in unison with booming voices and their eyes glued to the flag. today was different for some reason though. it was like they were trying to convince me of their patriotism. it gave me chills beyond CHILLS! after they were done and they all sat down together, i told them how proud i was of them. i told them they made me proud to be an american. they were pleased as punch! they all sat a little taller and smiled a little bigger. i am proud to be an AMERICAN!

*those are not my kindergarteners above...just some random ones



i like your disclaimer at the bottom : )

Ronda said...

Oh my heck I'll bet you are the funnest teacher in the whole world! Too bad you didn't move back to Randy town and you could teach Brayker! But I seriously LOVE Glee too!! I'm so glad you are a fan!
*And I'm sorry... i've been praying for you and just know I think you are the greatest person in the whole world and I miss you! PS Are you going to Lindy's wedding on Thursday?

Ronda said...

PPS.. I just fed your fish! xoxo