Thursday, February 18, 2010

vALeNtiNe's dAy: the LovErs hOliDaY

We started the Valentine's weekend with a matinee, Dear John. So romantic! Frustrating at times, tugged at the heart strings, but we both really enjoyed it. Then we got home and prepared for an Olympic Opener Bash at Scott & Mary's. Loads of

food and lots of fun friends. James took it upon himself to make and take dutch oven


Saturday of the weekend started out with a matinee movie, "Valentine's Day" of course, and we thought it was pretty good. Chelsie and James met up with us there and with a picture to

prove it...

we all showed up in red!Special thanks to the ATM machine that took this pic for us!

Then we got dolled up for a night on the town! Dinner at Mikados. Great sushi place!

It was so fun to be with good friends & eat delicious food! And we ate a lot of it!

the men...

the chicas...

A little footsie under the table...

Finishing off the feast with ooey gooey chocolate cake.

We ended the night getting warm and comfy in our jammies and heading over to macklin and

chelsie's for games and lots of chatting.

It had already been a great weekend, but

it wasn't over yet...

on Sunday we headed up to Woodruff. My uncle was being put in as the new bishop. He's such a great man!

Cokeville was our next destination.My cousin Camille's shower would be the next day. So we ate my grandma's homemade Sunday dinner, complete with peach jello and homemade chili sauce for the roast, YUM!
We stayed up late watching Michael Jackson's This Is It. I LOVE IT! I wanted to get up and dance and had the songs in my head as I cuddled next to my hubby in our nice and cold room

downstairs. I love snuggling him!

Monday morning I slept in and James got up at 5:30 AM to go play b-ball with some local guys.
The shower was good and it was so fun to see everyone.

Including grandma Dayton, who is 100 years old I might add.

Such a GREAT weekend! Fun to spend it with people I LOVE!

"Pretty is as pretty does." - Grandma Dayton
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