Wednesday, February 3, 2010

fAmiLy & bBaLL!

so i do have to say that being off track is absolutely wonderful! i feel like i get so much more done around my house and i get a lot of other things checked off of my to do list. so while i've been off track, i've been able to hang out a lot with my family and james' family. this past week i went to watch my dad's b ball team play @ waterford with my mom. that night was coaches against cancer so my dad got to wear some pretty hip shoes with his slacks. coaches all over america participate by wearing tenni shoes. he's such a great coach, i love my dad! it was way fun to hang out with my mom for a few hours as well. we always have a great time! i love my mom! then, on saturday, after my all day social studies class, james and i went with his family to provo to dinner and to watch the byu/utah b ball game. we had a great time together! so fun! i'm sad i didn't get lots of pictures of either of these events so enjoy the 2 that i did get! :)

*i wanted this pic because we didn't get a good one when we went there for james' bday...notice the small orange ball on the right side, courtesy of jeremy!

*notice the pimp shoes!
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