Wednesday, December 3, 2008

thanksgiving :)

thanksgiving! james and i had a wonderful thanksgiving full of family, food, traveling, more food, and shopping. i got sick the night before and i was completely miserable until about 1 on thanksgiving. james got to go play in a turkey bowl with jeremy and his dad. he had a blast! anything to do with football and he's a happy boy! we headed to cokeville after he got home and showered and got there almost exactly at 2 (when dinner was supposed to start). we ate at my grandma jackie's and my uncle dave's family was also there. we ate and ate and ate and watched some football and in between all of that, we visited and laughed so hard that our full tummies hurt even worse! we said our goodbyes around 10 and headed over to my grandma and grandpa petersen's to see all of that side of the family. we visited and ate some more (shocking!) and went to bed around 1. the next morning all of the adult females in the family headed out for our annual montpelier shopping trip! we went to alco, the drug store on main, and king's. we had a great time together! james and i headed back later that afternoon with dev in tote (he was going to a jazz game with his girlfriend). on saturday we went with james's fam to the movie "australia" ( i would definitely recommend it!) and then to another thanksgiving dinner with lisa's family. it was great! it was so fun to spend thanksgiving with so many people we love!
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